Fancy Drinks

June 4, 2012


Fancy Drinks containing: Mandarin Tangerine, Pom-Lime Talking Rain and Bitters

Drinking and weight loss don’t mix. If you are going to drink I suggest checking out this site, but regardless consuming alcohol will cost you calories.

Sam and I haven’t been drinking lately and instead have been crafting alcohol-free cocktails (please don’t call them mocktails, that word makes me cringe) that I’m calling “fancy drinks”. Some ingredients we’ve utilized are:

You can get pretty creative with these drinks. We’re watching our sugar intake so you’ll notice the ingredients we chose are pretty much sugar free, or only contain natural sugars. You obviously don’t get buzzed off of alcohol-free drinks, but it’s nice to have something flavorful to sip while marathoning television shows and kicking ass at Mancala (sorry Sam). Plus, now I have a reason to use my muddler again!


One Response to “Fancy Drinks”

  1. Sam Says:

    Mancala will be my ruin! It’s a good thing I can console myself in a fancy drink creation.

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