My Chocolate Savior

June 7, 2012

PhotobucketSince I’m injured and less active overall right now, I’ve been watching my carb consumption like a hawk–considering hawks are birds of prey, this analogy is actually very literal. Anyway, I have been having terrible chocolate cravings, but until yesterday have just been trying to ignore them.

However, while at the Kiva yesterday Sam spotted these low-carb ChocoPerfection bars. We tried the chocolate almond and it was actually really really good. With only three net carbs and zero sugar these bars are an excellent choice if you’re on a diet. They have A LOT of fiber and the chocolate taste is actually satisfying and not artificial at all. The only barrier to my not consuming these daily is the price ($4.39 a piece when you buy a box of five from their website), but it’s fantastic to know there is now an option when I’m craving chocolate that isn’t going to stall my forward progress.


One Response to “My Chocolate Savior”

  1. Lyndsi Says:

    80% and higher cocoa dark chocolate is ok too. Obviously not daily but the macros are good.

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