Working (Out) for the Weekend

June 15, 2012

PhotobucketIn the past I’ve posted about the difficulties of eating right and working out on the weekends. To avoid falling off the wagon over weekends Sam and I have taken some proactive measures. We registered for the Prost8k this Sunday, which is a race raising money for Prostate Cancer prevention (AND also Sam’s first race! We’re jogging the 5k if anyone is interested in joining us). I’m also going to try out a free Saturday class at Track Town Crossfit. They offer a free class every Saturday morning in exchange for a canned food donation. They also have punch cards available for purchase ($200 for 10 visits), so if I like it I’m considering buying one so I can drop in a couple times a week. Lastly, we ordered some Ketosis test strips which measure the amount of ketones in your urine. These let us know if we’re eating low carb enough for our diet to be working–considering I’ve had an upset stomach the last week there has been a lot of carbs in my diet lately, but I’m excited to see the change as I get back on track.

As I’ve always experienced: eating well and working out during the week isn’t difficult because my work schedule provides structure. If we can consistently keep ourselves active on the weekends (bike rides, trips to the coast to jog in the sand, hiking, etc.) we’ll be setting ourselves up for success and results–all it takes is a little planning ahead!

PS: The image for this post is a webcomic from Toothpaste for Dinner. You should check the whole site out; you’ll burn calories laughing.

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