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Do You Neoprene?

March 28, 2012

PhotobucketLyndsi has been sporting a neoprene waist wrap for the last few weeks because she is training to compete in her first fitness competition of this season.

I obviously am not in the same boat, but I have seen her progress with the band and decided to get one for myself.

If you’re not hip to neoprene, basically it creates a sauna-like effect making you sweat a lot more when you workout. I like it so far because wearing the band causes me to sit up straight on my fitness ball at work (I’ve developed quite a nice slouching habit), and because it’s tight I am conscious of my abs and find myself engaging them often.

I wouldn’t say I believe neoprene workout gear is super effective in long-term weight loss. Only diet and exercise will yield results. But, for water loss and consistent ab engagement, I’d definitely recommend a waist wrap.

I’m also interested in getting some capri pants that do the same thing because I have a lot of cellulite on my thighs. But, that’ll be a different post if I go through with it.

New Love: Body Con Skirts

February 28, 2012

PhotobucketOver the weekend I found myself feeling better (after last week’s brush with death) and with some time to kill, so I decided to try my luck shopping. Now, I’ve posted about shopping many many times before, and would like to again reiterate that buying yourself new clothes while losing weight is very important. It’s very exciting to put on your jeans and find that you have extra room, but if you keep wearing clothes that are too big you start to feel frumpy and actually hide the progress you’ve made. Side note: pants are effing expensive and also impractical if your body is in a constant state of flux.

Cut to my new favorite item of clothing in the world: body con skirts. They’re called this because they contour to your body, but most importantly they are cheap, flattering tubes of stretchy fabric that are comfortable AND will fit for a long time. If you sew you can whip these up with a few simple seams. But, even if you don’t you can find them EVERYWHERE (Forever21, Charlotte Russe, Target, Wetseal) for about $10-12 a piece.

I bought my first body con skirt last summer and despite being probably 20lbs less now, it still fits and flatters just like the day I got it. Plus, as I continue to lose inches, it won’t be too difficult to take-in at the sides. I’ve been wearing this skirt 3-4 times a week, with tights for winter, both to work and out with friends, and it is so comfortable–I ended up buying three more this weekend. They are easy to dress up with a button-up blouse or a sweater, or to dress down with a more revealing tank top (and if you pass out drunk in them they are fairly comfortable to sleep in as well–not that I’ve ever done this or recommend passing out on couches while watching Netflix at 5am).

So, if you’re in the market for weight loss friendly clothing, strike while the body con skirts are hot. There are few things as affordable and flattering.

Larger than Life

February 15, 2012

PhotobucketOver the weekend I bought the shirt pictured at Target. I didn’t already own a flannel, plaid shirt and figure at some point I’ll need to have one in my closet to be considered a true hipster.

The point of this post is not to tell you how cool I am, though. Instead I want to call attention (yet again) to size discrepancies in clothing.

I bought this shirt in a size XXL. I’m not ashamed of the size listed on the tag, but I am really annoyed by the wide differences I see between different retailers and brands. In a similar shirt I wear a size medium at Old Navy, and a large at American Eagle.

I guess the moral of this story is that you should be open to trying on 2 or 3 sizes and buying whichever one fits best regardless of what it says on the tag–don’t let sizing discourage you. When I started this blog I was wearing XXL jersey knit dresses from Target and about 100lbs later I am still wearing a XXL from the same effing store. Despite how ridiculous that is I both look and feel way better and health is the most important part of this journey.

Personal Goals

February 9, 2012

PhotobucketYesterday I actually took the time to sit down and establish my next set of goals. Since I don’t weigh myself I usually use clothing as an incentive. My new goals are no different. To give you an idea (aside from abstract numbered sizes, thanks women’s clothing) I’ll include measurements in inches:

Size 12 Jeans–what I wear now–31″ waist 40.5″ hip

Size 8 Jeans–short-term goal–28″ waist 38.5″ hip

Size 4 Jeans–long-term goal–26″ waist 36.5″ hip

I’m hoping by sticking with my diet and exercise plan to squeeze myself into an 8 by March. Looking up the measurements actually makes me feel a lot better: only three inches off my waist!

I don’t really have a timeline for my final goal of a 4, but it would be nice by summer. All the more reason to keep at it and stay dedicated. This is day four of a VERY strict low-carb diet and so far I’ve managed to avoid all of my usual pitfalls.

PhotobucketI’ve posted a lot about shopping, a lot, a lot. But, after reading this post from inkdot.tumblr.com yesterday I felt the need to revisit the subject. As you’ve probably read, I can’t really buy pants well because of my body type (pear shaped) and proportions. Some things fit great right off the rack (I’m looking at you empire waist dresses), but everything else clings to everything but my waist.

Even if you don’t have a similar body type, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. Shirts tight in the chest and loose everywhere else, pants loose in the thighs, etc. So, you’ll be glad to know there is a solution: take that shiz to a tailor and ALL of your problems will be fixed.

The trick is to fit the widest point of your body and have every other point taken in to compliment your shape. Now tailoring can be expensive, but why not do it on your more expensive pieces? I know I don’t mind wearing jeans cinched with a belt right now because these jeans aren’t my goal jeans, they were also like $20 bucks. But, once I’m down to a healthy weight, I’ll invest in some more expensive denim. You know, jeans that won’t fall apart after 15 washes, and those I’ll get tailored–an extra $15 doesn’t seem like much if you’ve already spent $60-100 on the pants anyway. I’d also consider getting dress shirts, blazers and slacks done if I needed to wear them to work often.

Depending on where you shop some higher-end department stores, and specialty denim stores, will alter your pants and other clothing for free. I know Banana Republic and Buckle do this. If you’ve found yourself fed up with how your clothes are fitting I suggest you check out the article, or better yet, check out your local tailor.

Understanding Underwear

December 7, 2011

PhotobucketHas anyone noticed how personal this blog has gotten in the last few weeks? We went from recipes and reposting of workout tips to talking about my bowel movements and dance parties, alone. Unfortunately, today isn’t much better as I’d like to discuss my underwear.

Alright, so I’ve definitely discussed the importance of buying new clothing as you lose weight. It fits. It helps you feel better about how you look. It helps you feel better (retail therapy). But, one thing I have neglected to replace regularly is underwear.

I’m pretty good about buying a nice lacy thing to impress my man-friend now and again (and yes, that fits), but everyday underwear, ehhh people don’t really see that. I don’t have a gym membership–I’m not spending a lot of time in locker rooms, or changing in front of people. Therefore, until last week I was still sporting undies from when I was nearly 300lbs. My roommates have frequently heard about my techniques for rolling down the waistband so that they stay around my hips. Hey… if you think I over-share on here you clearly don’t know me in person.

Anyway, last week I got new undies and let me tell you THIS IS A WHOLE NEW WORLD. I mostly only wear thongs and I forgot how comfortable they are when they actually fit. (Ashley says you won’t get wedgies if you buy bikini cuts that fit, but I refuse to believe this). If you have ever ridden a bike in a thong 4 sizes too big, this advice is for you: buy new underwear. You and your bits will thank me.

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