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Some big news over here at FigureFinder headquarters (aka my desk). The blog is going to be moved so I can host it myself and hopefully benefit from the advertising and traffic we get. The migration will take place this weekend, so the blog may not be accessible Saturday and Sunday, but next week I’ll be back and better than ever.

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Back on Track

June 26, 2012

PhotobucketDespite my knee being slightly more crunchy sounding today I’m feeling great. I was originally going to post about hitting my quickest mile time to date this weekend, except I crushed that time with a new PR of 11:22 mins this morning. Mind you, this is after a leg day with Lyndsi yesterday. I may be a little swollen, but nothing hurts and it feels great to be getting back into my old habits.

Speaking of habits I need to clean my diet up a bit too. Without lots of cardio (due to the knee) I’m up on the scale 2.5 lbs–which is 1.2% bodyfat. I’m dedicating myself to at least 30 minutes of cardio daily and NO FROYO. Those decisions alone should help, but I also need to choose lean meats like chicken instead of pork. Geezus, I do love pork, though. AND I’m dropping my calorie intake a little bit. I want to be at 28% bodyfat in two weeks when I weigh in next.

Stress Management

June 19, 2012

PhotobucketI like to take my real life experiences and turn them into blog posts for your pleasure. Unfortunately, this post is more a do as I say, not as I do lesson on (you guessed it): stress management.

I am now at an age where I’m starting to face some normal, but big decisions in my life: career goals, relationship goals, and general responsibilities that will began to shape my life long-term as an adult.

I don’t think stress is unhealthy by any means and often it is a good motivation to make positive changes in your life, but how you choose to handle stress can be where the question of health factors in.

I’m personally wrestling with the above examples I listed and used them as an excuse to eat frozen yogurt three days in a row. This is an example of UNHEALTHY stress management. Instead here are some things I’m going to do this week to help manage the stress I feel:

  • Write things down. Whether this is a journal type entry, or a list, getting ideas out can help ease my mind.
  • Listen to music. Finding music that helps connect to your feelings can be very therapeutic.
  • Workout. I want to use the rage I feel to motivate myself physically. I’m going to lift heavy things, and rage on the sidewalks around my house. Be afraid, people. Be very afraid.
  • Talk to friends. That’s why they’re your friends right? Often times they can offer a perspective you haven’t considered, or at least just a listening ear.
  • Accept the feelings. A lot of stresses can’t be fixed immediately. Instead of fixating on your problems, or trying to find immediate solutions, learn to be okay with feeling a little frustration or anxiety. If you can survive with the tension peacefully, you’ll feel better until you’ve alleviated the source.
  • Remind yourself that it can’t last forever. It won’t. Take solace in the fact it’s temporary.

Notice I want to focus on managing stress here, not fully alleviating it. Growing up is scary and this won’t be the last time I face a multitude of options that make me feel uneasy. The most exciting part in all of this is that I have my entire life ahead of me. I’m only scared because I have seemingly limitless options, and really that’s an amazing thing–as overwhelming as it may be. The world is my stressful little oyster and I’m excited to see how the next chapter unfolds.

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June 18, 2012


Obligatory couples shot

Sam ran his first race this weekend and I was lucky enough to be along for the ride, literally, we rode our bikes there.

Sam actually got lost on the course and ended up running much further than he needed to. I managed to come in first for my age group!

My legs are super sore from all the activity this weekend, but it feels good to be up and mobile again after all my knee rest. Summer weather watch out, I’ve got more moving around to do.

Fighting Fear

June 6, 2012

PhotobucketLast fall I ate it pretty hard on my bicycle and ever since then I’ve been pretty averse to attempting to ride anywhere for any reason. With the aid of new wheels and tires, and a helmet (yes, I’m doing that finally) I’m back out braving the road. A large part of this is due to my knee still being messed up and having trouble walking for extended periods of time.

Anyway, I’m not writing to tell you about how hipster I am JammyPackin‘ around town (although I totes am and it’s super adorbs), but because it’s really important to give yourself credit for overcoming fear. I used to be scared of working out in public, running in races, and now of my bike; BUT I am overcoming them and for this I deserve a pat on the back.  I may not be out Lance Armstronging the shiz out of the country roads for 80 miles, but I did make it to work and back twice today (I went home for lunch) and that’s enough for me.

If there is something you’ve been avoiding because you don’t believe in yourself I challenge you to try and tackle it this week. Start small and chip away at your big goal slowly. I think you’ll be surprised what you’re capable of, and how amazing you feel for just trying.

Healthy Relationships

June 5, 2012

PhotobucketMy goal for 2012 was to be healthy in all facets of life, including relationships. I find myself in one again, and aside from emotional health (arguably the most important factor in a relationship), we are striving to adhere to healthy eating and exercise routines. Since relationships generally seem to give people a sense of comfort and acceptance, it’s not uncommon to see one or both partners pack on some pounds after they’ve settled down. Instead of giving in to those fuzzy feelings and taking advantage of now having a partner to check out new restaurants with, we have employed some tactics to aid us in making weight loss progress:

  • Staying active together. Yesterday we played badminton for a bit after work, and over the weekend we rode bikes around town. We still get to spend time together like we would cuddled up on the couch, but while being active and burning calories.
  • Preparing healthy meals together. Now that I’m in a relationship this is the perfect time to try out new recipes AND to share recipes we each like with each other.
  • Grocery shop together. Don’t you want to be part of one of those cute couples at the grocery store? Even if this isn’t one of your aspirations, it’s good to chose foods that you both agree on. We grabbed some jerky and nuts for movie snacks this weekend, and often grab ingredients for meals together too.
  • Dine out together. Yep. You read that correctly. There are healthy dining options if you plan ahead. Read menus and make sure you know what you’ll be getting ahead of time, and then go out and enjoy eating a salad or some naked chicken wings with the one you love.
  • Set goals together. I mentioned before that Sam would be cooking me a steak once I’ve lost 100lbs. Don’t think that transitioning from friend to boyfriend gets him out of that commitment. Setting goals is beneficial for many reasons and doing it together helps keep both of you accountable.
  • Talk about it. We have many conversations surrounding health and weight loss. I express my fears to Sam about gaining weight back if I lose sight of my diet and exercise routines. It’s important for your partner to know your concerns so he or she can be supportive whether or not they also have weight to lose.

Now that I’ve got this mushy, couples post out of the way expect a billion more of them because I’m a happy girl and it’s my blog.

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