Social Exercise

June 21, 2012


View from Pisgah’s Summit

I’ve posted about increasing your NEAT as a way to lose weight by forming better lifestyle habits. Yesterday my friends Amy and Hollee did just that!

Instead of getting together for a meal or coffee we decided to go on a quick after work hike at Mount Pisgah (the race site for The Dirty Dash). In around an hour we ascended 1060 feet and still had time to chat about boys, food, life, etc.

Next time you make social plans consider taking a walk, hike, bike ride or something active. You’ll have all the fun of catching up with the addition of exercise.

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Stress Management

June 19, 2012

PhotobucketI like to take my real life experiences and turn them into blog posts for your pleasure. Unfortunately, this post is more a do as I say, not as I do lesson on (you guessed it): stress management.

I am now at an age where I’m starting to face some normal, but big decisions in my life: career goals, relationship goals, and general responsibilities that will began to shape my life long-term as an adult.

I don’t think stress is unhealthy by any means and often it is a good motivation to make positive changes in your life, but how you choose to handle stress can be where the question of health factors in.

I’m personally wrestling with the above examples I listed and used them as an excuse to eat frozen yogurt three days in a row. This is an example of UNHEALTHY stress management. Instead here are some things I’m going to do this week to help manage the stress I feel:

  • Write things down. Whether this is a journal type entry, or a list, getting ideas out can help ease my mind.
  • Listen to music. Finding music that helps connect to your feelings can be very therapeutic.
  • Workout. I want to use the rage I feel to motivate myself physically. I’m going to lift heavy things, and rage on the sidewalks around my house. Be afraid, people. Be very afraid.
  • Talk to friends. That’s why they’re your friends right? Often times they can offer a perspective you haven’t considered, or at least just a listening ear.
  • Accept the feelings. A lot of stresses can’t be fixed immediately. Instead of fixating on your problems, or trying to find immediate solutions, learn to be okay with feeling a little frustration or anxiety. If you can survive with the tension peacefully, you’ll feel better until you’ve alleviated the source.
  • Remind yourself that it can’t last forever. It won’t. Take solace in the fact it’s temporary.

Notice I want to focus on managing stress here, not fully alleviating it. Growing up is scary and this won’t be the last time I face a multitude of options that make me feel uneasy. The most exciting part in all of this is that I have my entire life ahead of me. I’m only scared because I have seemingly limitless options, and really that’s an amazing thing–as overwhelming as it may be. The world is my stressful little oyster and I’m excited to see how the next chapter unfolds.

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June 18, 2012


Obligatory couples shot

Sam ran his first race this weekend and I was lucky enough to be along for the ride, literally, we rode our bikes there.

Sam actually got lost on the course and ended up running much further than he needed to. I managed to come in first for my age group!

My legs are super sore from all the activity this weekend, but it feels good to be up and mobile again after all my knee rest. Summer weather watch out, I’ve got more moving around to do.


Lance Armstrong totes swings kettle bells too.

This morning I gave Track Town Crossfit a try. A lot of the exercises for today’s WOD (workout of the day) were things I had done before: wall balls, kettle bell swings, and an array of sprints. I got hit on and followed around by some guy that reminded me a lot of Sean Penn in I Am Sam, so that was sort of a negative, but I’m trying not to let this bleed into my overall Crossfit experience.

The workout: We started with a short jog around the block to warm up, then did different sprints across the gym: high knees, butt kickers, and spider walking. Followed by 15 wall balls, a 100ft sprint, 10 kettle bell swings, and another 100ft sprint continuously for 5 minutes for three sets with one minute breaks in between.

Overall: I was surprised by the difficulty of the class. It was a good pace for me, but I’m also in the best shape I’ve probably ever been in. Lots of weight-bearing exercises while keeping your heart rate up, so it was a cardiovascular workout while also getting strength training in. I think I’ll try attending the free class for a few more weeks before I decide whether I’m going to pay for additional classes, but it was fun to workout with a new group of people. Plus, it’s so close to Sam’s apartment I feel almost guilty not participating since it is free.

PhotobucketIn the past I’ve posted about the difficulties of eating right and working out on the weekends. To avoid falling off the wagon over weekends Sam and I have taken some proactive measures. We registered for the Prost8k this Sunday, which is a race raising money for Prostate Cancer prevention (AND also Sam’s first race! We’re jogging the 5k if anyone is interested in joining us). I’m also going to try out a free Saturday class at Track Town Crossfit. They offer a free class every Saturday morning in exchange for a canned food donation. They also have punch cards available for purchase ($200 for 10 visits), so if I like it I’m considering buying one so I can drop in a couple times a week. Lastly, we ordered some Ketosis test strips which measure the amount of ketones in your urine. These let us know if we’re eating low carb enough for our diet to be working–considering I’ve had an upset stomach the last week there has been a lot of carbs in my diet lately, but I’m excited to see the change as I get back on track.

As I’ve always experienced: eating well and working out during the week isn’t difficult because my work schedule provides structure. If we can consistently keep ourselves active on the weekends (bike rides, trips to the coast to jog in the sand, hiking, etc.) we’ll be setting ourselves up for success and results–all it takes is a little planning ahead!

PS: The image for this post is a webcomic from Toothpaste for Dinner. You should check the whole site out; you’ll burn calories laughing.

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Recipe: Low-Carb Pizza

June 14, 2012

PhotobucketTo many’s displeasure I have begun recovering from whatever bacteria attacked my stomach/GI tract. It takes a bit more than vomit and diarrhea to take me out; and, following THAT appetizing thought, I want to share this amazing recipe for low-carb pizza.

Everyone loves pizza! If you’ve been watching your carbs for awhile you probably miss eating toppings and melted cheese. Luckily you can fashion a bastard crust out of cauliflower, mozzarella and egg.

1 Cup Riced Cauliflower
1 Cup Grated Whole Milk Mozzarella Cheese
1 Egg
1 Tsp Kosher Salt
1/2 Tsp dried Thyme
1/2 Tsp dried Oregano
1/4 Tsp Coarse Ground Black Pepper

Pour onto greased pan and spread to edges (if you can, I really recommend finding something smaller with a lip to help mold it)Bake at 450 degrees for 20 minutes. then let cool for 10 minutes.

We topped ours with mozzarella, turkey sausage, caramelized onion and garlic, black olives and green bell pepper. For sauce we diluted tomato paste with a little water and added spices to taste.

Pop your topped pizza back in the oven at 450 for 10 more minutes.

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June 12, 2012

I have some sort of stomach virus. I feel like death, but I may lose weight from all of the food evacuation. I’ll post when I’m feeling better. Sorry guys.

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